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Loving yourself… ALL of yourself

By | September 24th, 2014 | Confessions

courtesy Desigual

courtesy Desigual

This week I was working with a client and she brought an issue to the table… skin discoloration on her leg.

My client wanted to know what to do about it, she currently doesn’t show the skin discoloration by wearing dark hose.

I think she was looking for validation or my help to make her feel better about it.  She didn’t want a cosmetic procedure so I told her about Chantelle Brown-Young, the model who is the fall face of Desigual, who has the rare skin pigment disorder vitiligo.

“Desigual stands for being unusual and unique and atypical, so they figured I’d be the perfect person for that,” she said.
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and another story about Carrie Hammer who featured the first model in a wheelchair in her runway show

I let her know that none of us are perfect, we’re all works in progress and being Barbie isn’t interesting.

I’m just glad that some companies are catching up to this fact.

I’d like us all to live with our imperfections and still feel confident every day.


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