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Less is more…how possible is it?

So my intentions were so good for this years sojourn which starts on the island of Sifnos and ends in Maine and is questionable in the middle (more about my open ended plans later). My previous post ‘1 month 1 suitcase’ was a brilliant idea. I totally edited my clothing accessories, shoes, and jewelry down. Since I am returning to the same island as last year I had a great idea about what was worn over and over and what was only worn once or twice. It’s obvious the 1 dry cleanable outfit only got worn twice in a month-so it was out. And all dry cleanables are out for this trip. I did ship a box to Maine for the weddings I plan to attend at the end of the month. That part of the trip has multiple wardrobe requirements-many fancy events. So back to Greece..I just left NYC yesterday on an overnight flight and I realized as I headed out the door with 3 bags that was is really weighing me down is the christening gift for the twins of honor-I went a little crazy at BabyGap-I’m a stylist give me a break, but also the TECHNOLOGY. I cannot 100% unplug the way I did last year. I want to be here for you all bringing you fresh content. So there’s the AIR-hard drive fixed in time by Mikey’s Hookup in Williamsburg (they rock!), the new video camera, the new small digital camera, the small external Cie drive, the greek cell phone, the blackberry curve, and all the cords and charger/adapters to go with.  So I’m over my initial goal but I did bring things with the intention of paying it forward or consumption-brought my dinner and favorite dark chocolates on board-it’s one of my favorite travel luxuries to pack a super healthy yummy veggie filled meal, and some paperback books. I already gave the helpful flight attentant my already read copy of WISHFUL DRINKING by CARRIE FISHER. She’s totally my new favorite break out commedienne-I know Abe Gurko you lurve her too!

So I would love to know from you what’s your travel indulgence/luxuries that you bring or practice when traveling?

Picture of actual luggage to follow!

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