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Kate Middleton’s Style-future style icon?

Kate Middleton's Issa engagement dress by Daniella Helayel

Give Kate Middleton’s personal style a break!

In WWD Vivienne Westwood’s said that “she would ‘love’ to dress Middleton but not until the bride-to-be catches up somewhere with style”. I feel is a little unkind based on Kate’s upper middle class background and the lessons she may have gleaned from Princess Diana’s experience. The article on April 12, 2011 also noted that her fashion style is ‘mumsy and staid’.

I would totally disagree. The blue Issa dress by Daniella Helayel is in perfect harmony with her body shape/coloring and blue is a magic color on camera.

Is it fashion forward? No but it’s appropriate and I see no reason she ease into the roll of icon with care and caution. The dress is also sold out some the people have spoken.

The is nothing wrong with dressing well for your body and staying a bit safe. The press is ruthless with public figures.

Rarely is there a ‘perfect storm’ a cross section of great innate personal style and lavish funds or editorial backing to make the iconic status possible. Examples of fashion icons with that perfect storm in my opinion are Isabella Blow, Daphne Guinness, CZ. Guest, Iris Apfel, Anna Dello Russo.

Even rarer of a bird are those women who have outlandish personal style that they are famous for and achieve without massive funds such as Lynn Yager style writer for Vogue and Anna Piaggi.

I wish Kate the most graceful style evolution possible as she settles into her new class, role, and massive wardrobe budget. I’m not sure she will break the mold with her wedding dress but for certain she will look simply beautiful.

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