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Just Say NO to Harem Pants

By | April 3rd, 2009 | LESS IS MORE, STYLE DIY

Ok Ladies.
I’m all for fashion. I work in fashion but I believe in looking good. What I stress to my clients is to showcase their best features and to WORK IT. So I ask you, what does the Harem pant accentuate?
The fact that you have a low crotch and wear diapers. I saw them on the runway and thought they would never translate, but then I saw them in the store windows in these great mecca of new york. I thought for sure no one would fall for them…..but then 2 days ago I saw 2 women wearing black harem pants in the LES/East Village area. Ok so downtown is one thing. But I’m warning you if I see them uptown or on Bill Cunningham’s Shot on the Street in the NYTimes I’m going to start writing fashion citations!

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