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Joanna Mastroianni S/S 2011

I’ve been a big fan of Joanna Mastroianni for several years now. I’m always surprised that she hasn’t gotten the press that Zac Posen has since she is equally talented. I especially love that she has been working out of the garment district producing gorgeous luxe clothing for over 18 years. The look is lady of leisure Palm Beach/Palm Springs/Paris- but like a good designer knows she can please a size 14 as equally well as a size 4. I found a great quote of hers that she has 2 strict guidelines: make women look taller and thinner. Amen to that!

I’m crazy for the black cape seen above this season and as always the finishing details are top notch. The orange cocktail dress has black piping on the hem-a small detail that photographs don’t really pick up. Couture elements for the real woman. The necklaces and handbags are icing on the cake.

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