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Style Video Interview: Erika Lyremark

Today’s STYLE VIDEO INTERVIEW digs deep into how to balance comfort with killer style. Erika Lyremark also shares her tips on making sure you get great photos out of your next photo shoot.

Erika Lyremark of the Daily Whip

The Backstory

When I first saw Erika Lyremark’s website,, it stuck with me. Her image is so clean, yet shocking and definitely memorable. Plus, I love her branding colors! I knew in my gut that other women could learn a lot from her cohesive visual branding.

I met Erika virtually through playing around on Twitter. I posted, “What is your biggest style challenge?” She answered that she had trouble finding long-sleeved dresses for her public speaking appearances. She’s found that speaking venues tend to be cold (and I can totally relate).

I responded with a few suggestions via tweets but I just couldn’t stop there. I got this spontaneous idea to make her a Pinterest board, and that whole board is now filled with long-sleeved dresses that match her chic, classic style and would look amazing on her.

Our whole exchange was one of the catalysts for my STYLE VIDEO INTERVIEW series. And great minds think alike – she was inspired to write a BLOG POST.

using our interaction as an example of excellent customer service and acute listening skills. Erika called me an “elegant hustler”!

I’m completely grateful for the connections made possible through having fun with Twitter.

The Details

Erika Lyremark is a Business Confidence & Sales Expert at Daily Whip and Author of Think Like a Stripper: Business Lessons to Up Your Confidence, Attract More Clients & Rule Your Market.

She wants her clients to make bold moves and push themselves to their edge.

She wants to feel comfortable, confident, and sexy in her clothing.

She describes her style as sleek, simple, and bold.

You can catch up with Erika here:
TUNE in and enjoy the video.

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