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How to Handle Changing your Style

By | February 4th, 2015 | Confessions

blackberryYesterday, as I was coming back from meeting with a fellow entrepreneur, I dropped my beloved Blackberry q10 down the elevator shaft while wasting time on my phone. Lesson learned… be more present and don’t text while traveling.

I was in total shock and in bit of a panic because I’m not usually that careless of a person. I love my blackberry! Yes you can make fun of’s ok.

I’m the type of person that has the same cell phone for years until it either breaks or it dies. To me using my electronic devices for a long period of time (like my computer) is a good way to get full use of its value and a greener way to be.

I hate the idea of chucking a device into the landfill every couple of months because society pushes us to have the newest toy. I really do use my phone as a phone and not a toy. I even recently decided to continue being more present and took all of my work and personal email off my cell phone.

I have an emergency email address that I give out to just a handful of close friends and family. It’s the only email address that imports to my blackberry which frees up my energy to focus.

I love the blackberry keyboard and calendar and I love being the only one with this phone. All of my friends and family make fun of me as being the only one with a blackberry this day and age. But here’s the other thing…no one wants to steal a blackberry and it didn’t cost me almost a grand.

The truth is I hate change. I like to stick with one brand and my last 3 phones have been blackberries. It’s kind of like having your favorite “go to” dress that you just wear to death and then you resist getting a new one. (I do that too!)

That’s me…a creature of comfort and habit.

How does this relate to style? Well, I think it’s really easy to stay in our comfort zone and hard to update to the current trends. Change can be challenging.

 iphoneHere are a few questions to ask yourself during a challenging change:

1. why am I resisting this new _____ so much?
2. what will happen if I let go of _____?
3. will I really be missing out on something or can the replacement do the same job?
4. what might I gain if I try something new?

The iPhone is calling…it is the stylish phone of the moment. If I get one I could use apps like Uber and Instyle’s color matching.

If you were me dear readers…what would you do?

Should I cave in and get the iPhone (cost $923) or buy another blackberry (cost $229), and what if I drop it again???



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February 4, 2015 at 7:59 PM
Dear A I read your email and thought to myself "Oh no poor thing". You are probably thinking thatthe oh no was for you dropping your phone, well its the opposite. I said that because I can so feel your pain of the thought in saying goodbye to the blackberry. I loved my BB so much, had several of them over the years and was in the exact same position as you are now. Friends, family & clients making remarks about not being up to date with the latest in technology. I held out as much as possible until 12 months ago my BB took its last breath. I have since switched to the obvious and like the rest of the globe an Iphone. Yes it is great for images and work/social media etc and so easy to use, my puppy could operate it if he wanted to, but it is not personal like the BB once was. I would say if you are not concerned about the social media or fast apps side of things, stick with the BB email and documents were always fab with that device. Good luck Kerry
February 17, 2015 at 6:07 PM
Hi Kerry, thanks for commenting. Yes they retrieved my BB and is only had a few scratches on it! So I'm going to keep it till it dies and then convert to an iphone. Thanks again for understanding. The peer pressure is brutal! ;) xoxo alexandra

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