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How I cut my bottom line-the original LESS IS MORE post

By | August 5th, 2009 | LESS IS MORE, STYLE DIY

So New York is an expensive city right? It’s also home to the $8 manicure and sample sales galore. In September I decided to do a little budget planning for myself. I took a good look at my finances and decided what needed to get the ax and what changes to implement:
quit the gym-using my home gym equipment and dvd’s
started walking everywhere
cut down on metro and still very few taxis
sold my car-that in turn set off a nice domino effect of no gas, geico, tolls, parking, parking tickets, maintenance, repairs, and car wash
super diligent about grocery shopping-carrying them myself so that I ask myself with every purchase, ‘do I need this?’ and ‘what for?’
health insurance-I would not recommend this but hey I’m healthy
restaurants to once a week unless invited
eating at home for most meals
mastered the breakfast spinach, potato, onion, bacon frittata which feeds me for 4 breakfasts
bringing snacks and water almost everywhere I go to avoid buying unhealthy and expensive food
bring ‘picnics’ to the movies
doing my nails mostly at home
replacing personal therapy with group fellowship
switching to an acupuncturist with a ‘community rate’
still no cable or internet subscriptions-too much entertainment in new york living
found a hairstylist that is amazing but only charges $45-hello I love LES
fashion wise only buying items that have been deemed a ‘hole’ or missing item-truth be told as a stylist I am pretty well covered in this department
no more books on amazon-I joined the library and discovered not only great books but dvd’s for free
sidenote: the library is a whole new special world in new york…very different from the fashion crowd. What I cannot figure out is that if the library lets you take out 30 things at one time for free, why are there guards and checkpoints? Who would steal what is already free?

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