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Hot shit in the sky

By | May 22nd, 2009 | Uncategorized

Anyone who lives in New York City knows the value of outdoor drinking during the summer months. I’m over the Empire Roof deck hotel even though they are promoting the hell out of it. Can’t say I was impressed by the ‘terrace’ at the Rivington Hotel (really just a sidewalk). Totally non-plused about the ‘BBQ’ at Operations store which turned out to be hot dogs on weber on the sidewalk. Naturally loved the Spring Party on my terrace.
Last night I found my new favorite hotspot the Cooper Square Hotel. I was delighted to accept an invitation to attend a summer kick off party. The hotel opened this winter but the penthouse with wrap around terrace is a mere month old. The sun was still out and I was lucky enough to see the sunset from the space on the 20th floor. I taken by the views and found the glass railing so frightening/borderline moments of vertigo/exhilerating I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. Except stay till the bitter end. Someone said the place made them feel like ‘hot shit’. In some ways it reminded me of LA except none of the building surrounding are very tall, hence new god complex creeping up. The crowd-a convergence of several house shares in the hamptons filled the space in the sky. My favorite quote of the evening overheard, “the last thing the hamptons need is another lawyer” might be trumped by the guy who explained that this party was merely a shopping party. Shopping for girlfriends that wouldn’t be ‘purchased’ till August. There was no reason to ‘settle’ at the beginning of the summer before any of the real action. There was so much mingling and over the shoulder glances that the ‘shopping’ memo must have been twittered. I was also surprised to meet a fair number of shakers who were not signed up for summer shares. They were going to ‘travel, guest in share houses, bop around’. Here I thought committment was something that only men had a problem with…now I am proved wrong. It seems to be a new york challenge-committment to anything-drinks, a party, a partner, a cell phone (so many have more than one), a vacation. New Yorkers like to keep their options open. Myself included. What’s in store for my summer? Stay tuned..

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