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By | July 1st, 2014 | Confessions, STYLE DIY

Bcbg gardenia wrap

“It’s getting hot in here. I wanna take off all my clothes.”

With over 100 degree temperatures in NYC, the clothing-optional water junkies at Harbin are sounding kinda smart right about now. Thought I would share my staying cool and looking cool tips with you:

Synthetics don’t breathe, which is bad news this year because cotton has often been replaced by poly and rayon blends? Cotton used to be cheap and plentiful, but due to the skyrocketing costs, designers have been sourcing other fabric blends.?Read your labels carefully if you want to stay cool.

Fabrics that breathe:
• Cotton
• Tencel blend
• Linen
• Light wool

• Having room under the arms is key
• Sleeveless
• Long maxi dresses on the loose side
• Flowing cuts that provide less contact with fabric to skin

Additional tips:
• Wear a big hat to keep the sun off your face
Mott-50 or Coolibar ,which make sun protective clothing. More resources on my previous post.
• I take a strip on cotton from an old shirt, soak in ice water, and wear around my neck. I got the idea when I tried this neck bandoo on a trip to Greece.
• In extreme cases, I carry a stylish umbrella, and it makes a big difference in temperature.
• Drink hot beverages like tea, which help cool you down even more. This sounds counter-intuitive, but it works!

I get cold in all the AC buildings so I layer with a scarf, shawl, or cardigan with easy air flow. I recently picked up this open weave wrap from BCBG which has great ventilation and is stylish.

See you by the pool!

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