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have bridal hair, need groom

By | May 20th, 2009 | Uncategorized

One of my best girlfriends is infinitely talented in the hair/makeup department (michikoboorberg.com) and I have been lucky enough to know her from my williamsburg days. She occasionally needs a hair model as she has been hunting for the right bridal avenue to offer her services. I always offer with glee-free fabulous hairdo-YES PLEASE! It’s been a bit of a goldie locks and the 3 beds..The first salon Once Upon a Bride we were offput by the extremely rude and bitchy owner who thought she was the end all be all to wedding hair design (WE DON’T SPRAY OUR BRIDES!’) I won’t name names. The second place The Wedding Atelier was a great fit. Gabrielle who runs the bridal hair and makeup couldn’t be sweeter and she’s already had several bridal trials. Today I’m off to be her model again at BLOW..hopefully it won’t blow. So far I’ve gotten amazing hair out of the deal. But leaves me wondering since I’m attracting all this wedding hair, is marriage on its way? Prince Charmant ou est vous?

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