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#HashtagHalloween Update

By | November 2nd, 2011 | Confessions

I have to tell you a secret about hosting a GLOBAL halloween #hashtag contest… it’s not easy.

It involves a lot of tweeting, emailing, texting, and worrying about whether or not it will work.

It’s really not an overnight thing to attempt a twitter revolution (ie. trending topic).

I’m about ready for my unplug NOW. And then I’ll start planning next year to be bigger and brighter!

But I digress. You want to know who won the contest right???

Winners in no particular order:
Submitted by @kayleerosee and the VERY first entry is a group shot including @VictoriaMoriGG @mrochelle95 @barbaraa519 @danielleproseus @taracburke. Awesome spirit!

James Cornwell (@cornwellstyling) had a bit of an advantage, being a fabulous stylist, but, hey – I gotta reward brilliance!

Katie M Thomas @katie_m_thomas

A special thanks to all who participated and tweeted up a storm!

On Halloween night, I attended a small party at a client’s house that overlooks the New York City Halloween parade. I wore my #hashtag on an American Apparel t-shirt, which had come from the client’s recent closet cleanse. Two guys whom I met at the party (a pimp and a pirate) thought I was wearing a tic tac toe game on my shirt, so they decided to play. And I let them. It’s always an interesting holiday!

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