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netflix for plus sized women

By | January 6th, 2014 | Confessions, STYLE TO LOVE

Review Gwennie Bee
Finally there’s a clothing service that answers plus-size prayers! The mentality I usually run into with plus-sized clients is that they don’t feel good about spending money on a size they don’t truly accept. The numbers on the label can bring up body issues at any size, and every purchase can feel like a commitment to stay where you’re at. It’s a tough spot to be in for dieters especially because it’s almost like you are giving up on the notion that you will lose weight.

Getting dressed shouldn’t be a confidence and motivation killer, and by renting clothes, it doesn’t have to be. Gwynnie Bee is like Netflix for the plus-sized woman’s wardrobe. It offers sizes 10 & up the opportunity to wear and try out new styles without the constriction of purchasing items – such a brilliant idea! They carry a variety of brands such as Three Dots, Karen Kane, American Rag, Lands’ End, and so many others, and the pricing plans are flexible to accommodate any budget. For just $35 to $159/month, you can hang onto 1 to 10 garments at a time – with unlimited shipping. They’ll even let you send back unwashed items with no penalty. Plus, if you fall in love with that figure-flattering dress or structured jacket and can’t bear to send it back, you have the option to purchase.

Once you see the wide variety of styles, you won’t be able to resist the free 30-day trial. So if you wear sizes 10–32 and are looking for an easy way to dress for success, check out Gwynnie Bee now!

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