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Grace Kelly-more subtle than sizzle

Grace Kelly Exhibit at the V&A

All hype and no delivery. Where is the famous lace wedding gown from when she married Prince Ranier? The elaborate costumes from To Catch a Thief? Not in the show? Are they caught up in some estate dispute? They had her very subtle ensembles which she wore to the civil and religious ceremony-but they hardly look glamorous enough for a movie star. I have to say that a lot of the outfits looked better on screen or in pictures than they did in person. This can happen to really simple clothes which is what Grace Kelly wore. The day she met the Prince she wore a dress from a simple MaCall’s patterns because it was the only one not wrinkled! She obviously knew her colors and shapes that accentuated her slim shape and stuck to that. Her style evolved through time but it didn’t really change. And her onscreen image look was not unlike her personal look. Especially the more upper class and regal roles.

Overall the show was subtle and didn’t wow me as much as the YSL in Paris. In addition the lack of sizzle factor, the mannequins were behind glass, the signs were poorly lit and hard to see fine details. The most impressive dress of the show is the powder pink gown. There is a nice video accompanying the exhibit, some gloves, some jewelry, hats, and purses, and a ‘kelly’ bag which I wasn’t’ sure whether it was THE Kelly bag she carried.

As usual the V&A has a delightful collection of clothes on display separate to the special Grace Kelly. Here I’m showing you a few of my favorites. Jean Patou, Alexander McQueen.

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