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Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2011

By | June 15th, 2011 | Confessions

Governor’s Island was ‘flash mobbed’ by the chic set. I suspect marketing heavily promoted this event because LITERALLY every person cool in nyc under 45 who I know via facebook/life was invited and talking about the polo event. A true swarm check-in on 4square.

The ferry line experience was an event in itself. Never in my life have I waited so long for a ferry but I was in good company. I thought I was getting a head start at arriving at the terminal at 12pm for a 2pm match. Line was over an hour and a half long. The glimmer of hope was seeing Bill Cunningham snap our picture for the New York TImes Style Section. Crossing my fingers I’m one of the hat ladies in upcoming page.

Although it was great to see polo exposed to 15,000 attending New Yorkers who enjoyed the lack of long trek to the Hamptons for the match at times I felt the game itself was very much so overlooked. Picnic-ing, smoozing, and lining up for Veuve Clicquot seemed to be higher in priority.

I found the crowd to be a little too close for comfort in the public area for my taste. But I spent most of the match trying to capture all the fabulous hats and outfits.
VIP tent was uber exclusive as can be at minimum $2500 per person.

Celebrities who were in attendance-Donna Karan, Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman who opened the match, Marc Jacobs, Kathy Griffin, and Isla Fischer. I’m pretty sure I spotted Whiteny Port on the VIP ferry surrounded by her carousing friends on the way back to Manhattan. They were entertaining to watch until I saw one pitch their champagne glass and bottle overboard. Don’t think sponsor Veuve Clicquot would approve-although they did sell out of ALL champers.

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