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Golf and Scotch

By | May 20th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Two years ago I was going to Fashion events about 3-4 times a week. I met photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, publicists, gay fabulous fashionistas, And I wondered why I was single? So since moving into the city I wanted to go in a new direction socially. My favorite hobbies are very girly/independent-horseback riding, swimming, dancing, and film so socially I try to find events that attract men. So imagine my reaction when I was invited to ‘Golf and Scotch’ hosted by my friend Nikki of Bon Vivant ( Golf and Scotch together? My reply??? ABSOLUTELY YES PLEASE! So I attended the first event and met a really lovely smattering of men for both work and flirting possibilities. The big crowd pleaser upstairs at Drive 495 was the McCallan ice sphere maker. It formed perfect massive globes of ice on demand. I guess square ice cubes are now….well square! I went home skipping and last week attended the 2nd Golf and Scotch event that was bigger, better, and badder. Most of the men were in suits and the ladies had to slip off their heels to chip some balls on the driving range. I was confused by the branded take away swag from Bon Vivant. It was a black logoed plastic thingy that resembled a large tweezers with no gripping capacities. I later found out from Nikki (who is a real golfer unlike myself who is driving range only golfer) that it’s for flipping the divets. (It’s a nice change from the random/offensive fashion swag-hello wrinkle cream?) Maybe I can use it as a male prodder?
A total hole in one.

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