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Avoid Fashion Emergencies with a Fashion Tape Gun

By | September 12th, 2012 | Confessions

Have you ever been on a date when you realize that, no matter how many times you adjust, your bra keeps showing—definitely not in a good way? Well there’s an app for that! Seriously. Not that you can install it on your smartphone, but there’s a real-world application called the fashion tape gun that can fix your fashion emergencies. Since it’s Fashion Week, I got sent one by the wonderful PR team behind Hollywood Fashion Secrets, who in an effort to prevent everyday wardrobe malfunctions launched this new gun at Duane Reade on Fashion’s Night Out.I wish I had some crazy story for you about being backstage with a celebrity dress ripping just before showtime and the onsite tailor out of commission, but my crusade lies with the REAL woman. I regularly turn my private clients on to fashion emergency tools such as these, and in my experience, every power New Yorker is delighted to discover the array of products designed to avert a major or minor fashion emergency. Each of my VIP private clients gets a package with fashion emergency tools hand-selected for their own personal fashion challenges, and this new product will make the perfect addition.

The new tape gun is much-needed for a few reasons. It makes custom-size strips, so it’s uses go beyond simple dress malfunctions. Most fashion tape comes in premade strips, meaning you’re forced into one format. Let’s say you have no time to get your pants hemmed. Instead of using small pre-cut pieces, you can now use the gun and reel off as much tape as needed to go all the way around. Voilà! If you need just a tiny piece to invisibly secure a scarf or belt, hide a bra strap, or hold down lapels or collars, that’s now easy breezy. It’s also refillable, making it more environmentally friendly than the double-sided tape from the drugstore that most stylists use. Oh, and the packaging is so cute! BRAVO, Hollywood Fashion Secrets!

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