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Facing Down Facebook

By | June 5th, 2010 | POLITESSE

Would you accept a friend request on Facebook from someone who hasn’t returned your phone call?

A woman, who I recently met at a networking event exclaimed with glee, that “I” was the gal (professional-wise) that she had been looking for. We exchanged phone info and a week later, I gave her a friendly ring. She didn’t return my call, but showed up at a party, that I was hosting at my home. I laughed it off… and she said it was fate, even though she admitted, she had yet to check her voice mail. And I decided to let it all slide…

Then I got a request…She wants to be friends on Facebook. Will she be a real friend? Will we go have coffee at Starbucks, walk in Union Square and chat like old gal pals— or will she just ‘poke’ me and forward virtual cupcakes? I really don’t understand the point of sending someone a ‘top friend’ request when they don’t bother to pick up their phone… I feel like manners have gone totally down the tubes. In olden days, invitations would arrive on proper stationary, delivered by a footman. As the receiver, it was your duty to reply with a prompt yes or no. On Facebook, I’m lucky to get 30% of ‘friends’ to even respond to a party invite with yes or even a maybe… “Ignore” sadly seems to be the MO of our “face value” generation.

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