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My Birthday experiment


the photo for my event

Last year I spent my birthday in Sifnos and had a wonderful time. This year I could have done that but yearned for a new adventure. So by the suggestion of my cousin I settled on Paris and put together a different kind of gathering for my birthday. Here’s the announcement I posted on Small World.

“After spending time in Sifnos Greece I’ve decided to spontaneously spend my birthday in Paris. The chips fell in a strange way this year and I decided it was a great chance to shake things up a bit. I realize it’s a bit strange to celebrate my birthday with strangers but strangers are friends I haven’t met yet. I enjoy meeting new people from all around the world and feel that ASW cultivates a high level individual. Years ago I had a wonderful birthday with ‘new friends’ in Marbellla. So we’ll see for this year. So if you’re intrigued please join. I’m not a big late night clubbing type (I will not be hanging from a chandelier spraying champagne-that’s just not my style) so I’ve set the time rather early. I hope to choose the spot soon. If you have any suggestions of mellow gathering spots that aren’t too noisy please comment. Who’s IN?”

I got RSVP’s equaling 10 people. 4 showed up. One is a friend I met last year in the Hamptons. Another was an intriguing young man in the perfume business, another was a consultant in real estate, and his Russian girlfriend who spoke 5 languages came to. A few others who responded ‘Yes’ didn’t show-one who was in constant contact with me but missed due to getting out of work at 10:30pm. Is that believable? The group was small but very good company. I spent a wonderful evening getting to know my new friends and stayed out late till 2pm closing down Le Fumoir with champagne. Sadly the ChaChaClub was practically empty for the first hour of our meal. My guests had pitched in to get me a bottle of organic sparkling wine and some chocolate-an unexpected but delightful gesture. I wonder what it would be like to an extensive experiment called ‘the kindness of strangers’ where I try to meet at new person every day over coffee or a meal via small world or Facebook. One could conceivably have some interesting adventures with this attitude combined with travel.

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