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Expert Clothing Care: Spotlight On Deodorant Sponge

By | January 23rd, 2013 | Confessions

Last night I went to put on one of my favorite brown cotton dresses by Lauren. It’s the kind of dress that somehow wearing it more than once without dry cleaning is a happy reality. Maybe it’s the cut of the armholes. It smelled fine, but during the put-on process I got some deodorant on it. I almost tore it off with a “drat!” – but then I remembered my drawer of secret styling tools. I always keep a stock of products from Hollywood Fashion Secrets and others on hand, including the nifty deodorant sponge, to gift to my private clients. A few swipes and a minute later, and I was good to go! It’s a must-have tool for every busy and stylish woman to keep at home, in every purse, and definitely in her gym bag.

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