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reflective and experiential

Art Basel Miami which has been lovingly referred to as the Olympics of the art world has kicked my butt and it’s only my second day! My eyes are feeling it for sure. Had to post about these experiential pieces that have stuck with me. I loved the gold shiny gem cabinet piece is by Damien Hirst (leave it to me to have expensive taste is priced at £2.35 million) which was a bit shocking as I’ve never been into him before. The second piece is a telephone booth like box by you step into and see down to infinity and up to infinity. Reminded me of our mirrored hallway in Sausalito that I so loved as a child. Mesmerizing I don’t think I will ever tire of reflective surfaces.

While I was looking at the Norbert Brunner pieces I noticed phrases that are unreadable via photograph such as , “you are amazing” and “are you famous?” I overheard another visitor exclaim, “If you need a mirror to tell you this, you got a problem!” I would say only in New York kids but I’m in Miami.

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