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When safe style can hurt you

By | April 16th, 2014 | Confessions

how a basic black suit can hurt your styleThis month I’ve been inside multiple closets of newly high powered women.
They are women who have worked very hard and that hard work is paying off..but their closet has been left behind.
And a common theme I’ve seen is that all of their closets had ‘safe bets’. There is a fine line between ‘classic style’ and boring.

They had quality brands like vince, and theory, and ann taylor but they couldn’t figure out why their closet felt blah.
They listened to sale’s people who said, ‘buy this black suit..it’s a classic..it will never go out of style’.
But a plain black theory suit with it’s basic fabric sends NO message except for,
” I’m playing it safe”.
And they had not added any real remarkable personal touches. No signature statement jewelry, accessories, killer handbag, amazing coat, ect. Nothing to distinguish themselves from someone just starting out in their first job out of college.

It’s a perfect example of the third pillar of style & comfort~does the outfit send the right message to the world?
How could she feel comfortable and powerful when her outfit wasn’t speaking well on her behalf?
So yes this is when playing it safe with your style can hurt your style.

Especially when you need to impress the CEO or new business partners. Or when you are at a speaking engagement or pitching new business.

As a consumer it’s not your fault. Season after season brands like Theory do very little to change their styles or palettes.
They tend to offer heavy on black, white, gray and one or two pops of color. For those of you who don’t look good in
those colors tough luck. Brands want to sell clothing as they often play it safe knowing they will sell more units with
basic colors like black and white.

You would be better to work with me (a style strategist) and discover other wonderful work appropriate brands which fit you and your lifestyle+coloring.

I’m hosted a Style & Comfort webinar and it was a blast. If you missed it you can still enjoy the replay. More info here>>http://bit.ly/1qkQODv

and if you are done playing it safe, I can be reached here >>info@alexandrastylist.com

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