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Fear and shopping don’t mix

By | September 7th, 2011 | Confessions, STYLE DIY

what visual message is this sending?

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While in the closet of a Californian client, I found a couple of outfits that she was a bit prickly about. Without trying them on, she announced that they were ‘heatwave’ outfits and were badly needed in case of very hot weather. To me, these “heat wave outfits” looked liked foreign transactions gone bad. When I had her try them on, we could both see that neither outfit was doing her any favors.

Having a neutral partner (like me) is key in order to take photographs to help you compare exactly what image you project to the one you think you project. During the editing process, we discovered other attractive “heat wave” options, and she was happy to donate the ones that weren’t actually serving her needs.

During the exchange, I realized that her outfits had been fear purchases.

How often do we buy something in panic mode without checking to see if it’s really going to be flattering on us? What about when we buy a dress in a rush because we need it for a certain occasion but have no time to properly shop? I see how fear and procrastination can be detrimental to our wardrobes and to our wallets.

a better 'heat wave' outfit option

So, I ask you to filter your purchases through this mental checklist:

• Does the color flatter my face?
• Does the shape accentuate the best aspects of my figure?
• Is it the right message or identity for my life?
• Will I wear it more than five times?

Have high standards for your image, and you will always be delighted with the outcome.
Be patient that the right piece will come along, and it always will. We all feel that gut instinct when we happen across the perfect dress, jacket, or top.
Instead of listening to the fear when you shop, listen to that helpful intuition.

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