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Editing out the Blind Spot

By | February 3rd, 2013 | Confessions


The style blind spot: that’s what I call the one item you are naturally drawn to while shopping but then later realize you have too many of. For many women it’s the black top. So alluring, so easy to buy, but then how many do you really need?

For years I always wound up with a white or cream top at the checkout. Then I realized it was my blind spot and started only shopping from my need list. This month to kick off 2013, I would like to invite you to take a good look at your closet.

What is YOUR style blind spot?

What have you bought so many of that you have a small stockpile that doesn’t get used? Does this item – worn on you – send the right message out to the world?

For some it may be designer bags, red lipstick, or belts you never know how to wear. Maybe you think a scarf completes an outfit but somehow one never makes it out the door on your person. It’s time to identify your blind spot, clear out your closet, and donate the extras. Or, best case scenario, maybe you have a relative or friend who could really use the items.

I suggest picking a charity which means something to you so that donating your prized collection of t-shirts or accessories doesn’t feel like a waste. I was recently working with a client who had some beautiful suits two sizes too small. She was not taking action to lose weight but was so resistant to give them away. I then asked her about the possibility of giving the suits to Dress for Success so that a woman less fortunate trying to enter the workforce could wear them. That idea immediately changed her attitude.

Don’t blame yourself or feel guilt about whatever item seems to multiply like dust bunnies in your closet. Rather ask yourself kindly, “Why do I buy this item over and over?”’ If you sit quietly, you may be surprised by the inner answer. It may be a fear of standing out too much or too little.

The real advantage of giving away blind spot items is that you have identified the main issue. Once you identify your fashion achilles heel (maybe it’s high heels!), you can accept your style blind spot, learn from it, and catch yourself in the future. Your closet will thank me for the newfound space and variety!

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