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Get out of your uniform rut!

By | September 21st, 2011 | Confessions, STYLE DIY

basic t-shirts say what exactly about you?

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While working with a private client in Marin County, California,  I quickly identified her fashion blind spot while exploring her huge walk-in closet: she’s a uniform dresser.

I’ve also seen this many times in New York: someone likes a shirt, so he or she will buy multiples of it. This leads to a very “safe” look, which never changes or evolves. Wearing basics is great if you have the direction, energy, and creativity to add accessories to the mix, but most of the time it doesn’t happen. I use dresses as my uniform, but jazz them up with the right flair and accessories to still produce a very chic look.

Unfortunately, I find that most women are stumped on how exactly they can inject personality and style into their own uniform-like outfits. In the photo to the left, you can spot how my client’s cotton basics have all worn out around the same time, displaying small stains, holes, and other general signs of wear. This means it’s time to weed them out! My goal for this client is to help her buy less of the same item (because who really needs 50 tees?), and also show her how to accessorize the pieces she already owns. Having items hanging in plain view helps this process, because you get a true sense of which styles are available in your wardrobe. A fabulous necklace or scarf stuffed in the back of a drawer might lie there, forgotten, forever!


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