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CULT DIVAS Abby and Tori

By | May 28th, 2009 | Uncategorized

So I was excited to return to the Cooper Square Hotel Rooftop Penthouse as it’s my new ‘hot shit’ place and I was even more elated to attend “THIS IS A HOLD UP!” Hosted by slapstick/improv dramatic diva’s Abby Pope and Tori who are raising money and awareness for their film, ‘The Hunt for Good Americans'( ). They are aiming to travel around America this summer searching for adventure, comedy, and the message of living a life luxury without spending a grand. In this hunt they hope to encounter, witness, and play with eccentric famous and quasi famous Americans all the while catching the magic on camera in the format of little skits.
These girls are hilarious and have the right CAN DO attitude so please if you can contribute to their cause because they are going to Sundance! I can feel it. Just based on their creative ‘outfits’ made solely of dishtowels, vintage baubles and song and dance about sporting ‘crate and barrel’ and williams sonoma. A cult classic in the making. See more silliness at:

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