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The Most Important style principal to be comfortable in your clothing

By | March 5th, 2014 | Confessions, Style Esteem

Cashmere snood is ultra cozy by Poetry Fashion

After 13 years of personal styling work and consulting with women who shop Manhattan I can thread together common themes.
And one of the things I hear over and over is, “ I want to be comfortable”.

No one in all 13 years has selected to suffer for fashion on my in depth style questionnaire. Which is funny to me…but also telling that the fashion industry is missing the mark on most women.

We ALL want to be comfortable, to move, stretch, and possibly feel as if we could dance in our outfits. That’s probably why Juicy Couture sweat suits were as successful as they were. And LuLu Lemon is a runaway success. And why a common complaint in Marin county California from women is that they don’t know how to get out of their yoga pants..they are THAT comfortable.

I’ve seen some clothing companies offer basically a dressed up yoga pant as a wardrobe work horse. Makes sense right? So how do we bridge the gap of being comfortable but not feeling schlumpy. That you could run into a friend and not feel embarrassed by your dressed down outfit. That you could maybe even wow someone at work and still feel comfortable.

So I’m going to share the most important principal to consider..


Does it represent your unique blend of style? Does it feel like you energetically?

It could be a great outfit but if it doesn’t feel like you, it will never feel comfortable. When working with private clients I often show them items that they would normally overlook. Most of the time trying on something out of their comfort zone is an AHA moment but ocasionally they aren’t ‘feeling it’ and that is usually when energetically the garment isn’t speaking to my client and so we move on.

If you’re enjoying this comfort exploration and would like more tips on how to be comfortable and chic you can watch the replay of my WEBINAR featuring a surprise guest click here>>

(Cashmere snood is ultra cozy by Poetry Fashion)

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