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Coat Clinic – 6 tips to looking skinny

By | November 12th, 2014 | Confessions

Want to buy a coat that doesn’t make you look like a stuffed marshmallow?

Face it, when winter slams down on us we all want to curl up and never leave the house or bundle up in a puffer coat (or a walking sleeping bag as I call it.) I personally pull out my Mother’s 1970’s fur coat (don’t hate me it’s vintage) and it helps me get out the door with a smile on my face every time.

But here’s the thing… winter coats can make you look fat… even if you haven’t gained any weight!

Here’s how to avoid that:

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 1. Look for a coat with a belt and waist definition 2. Avoid rounded coats that are more oval shaped 3. Wool coat with princess seams


4. Have a friend take your picture so you can see how you look for yourself.

5. Start your coat search as early as August and September when they first arrive in the stores. By the time November rolls around the selection is quite minimal.

6. And if you happen to already own a puffer jacket that makes you look fat just pop a wide belt over it for a more slim look.

Do you have any coat tips I’ve missed? I would love to hear them in the comments down below.



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