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5 mistakes when editing your closet

By | July 18th, 2012 | Confessions

1. Not turning your closet over each season – Move your current season items to be more accessible. If you have access to another closet, you may want to flip them twice a year based on what you’re currently wearing. You only want the items you are MAJORLY LOVING in your current closet. Edit out all that doesn’t fit or you that you no longer wear.

2. Not editing enough during the year – For some it’s easier to edit monthly or quarterly to stay on top of things. I suggest smaller, more frequent sessions as they are less tiring.

3. Trying to do a closet purge all at once, making a big mess, and walking away. Or not doing one at all.

4. Not re-organizing your closet by color – You’ll find it so much easier to put outfits together if your closet is done by color grouping. It also gives you clarity as to what you own.

5. Bags and accessories all jumbled up together – It’s wise to invest in organizational tools to keep your closet in tip top shape. The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target are great places to start.

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