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Closet Clarity

By | October 4th, 2016 | Confessions

Why did I create Closet Clarity?
They say outer clutter is a reflection of inner clutter and I’ve always struggled with having a bursting closet and not enough space. I’m also very challenged by paper clutter.

Last winter I spent 2.5 months on the west coast working with clients.
I was forced to live with less clothing and did laundry every week.  I used a space bag to maximize my suitcase and I did manage to bring a fair amount to California.

But I basically stuck to 3 color groups. I built around jean leggings by HUE~ sparkle gray jeggings, and corduroy brown leggings. I also brought 2 dresses and a few soft jackets that worked with the color scheme.

And only 3 pairs of shoes!

There were times I was a bit bored with the selection but I lived and the experience made me realize how little of my closet I actually did wear..even as a super conscious stylist. So when I got back to NYC the only thing I wanted to do was attack my closet+apartment and show others how to do the same.

Will you be joining us on the journey to Closet Clarity?

For more info+ to join the new and improved version of the program:


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