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Client Style Profile-Juliana

Check out a six-month style transformation with my private client. Peek inside to see what it’s like to work with me one on one.

It’s so exciting to me to see a client’s style transform in a few months. Juliana’s fiancée told me that having her own stylist was a personal dream of hers. I’ve been honored to be able to help her elevate her style and reach her true potential.

Through a 3 month program Juliana learned what colors and shapes best fit her body. We edited her closet, made a full shopping list of missing pieces and went shopping for them. We discovered what designers look the best on her. We put together a solid full wardrobe for winter, spring and for summer. Creating a work uniform formula was the initial focus, but for summer, we focused on dresses and fun clothing to wear at night and on weekends.It was really important to my client that she dress appropriate for work, but more importantly, she wanted to be comfortable. Finding sexy flat shoes was a big priority because she isn’t able to wear heels without pain.

She also wanted to start wearing accessories and to put full outfits together on her own. We introduced accessories slowly since she wasn’t used to wearing them. We found how a stunning red belt could bring flair to a simple work ensemble. We found a killer everyday bag, which she uses like crazy. We found shoes that are comfortable, are stylish, and match most of her outfits. Dressing is now as streamlined as possible for Juliana.

When it came time to style her engagement photos, we had plenty to choose from in her closet. We discussed the couple’s image goals, took snapshots of potential matching outfits, and collaborated with the photographer. We made sure her outfit coordinated and was supported by her fiancée’s garments. Together in their engagement photographs, they look 100% amazing.

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