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Amazing Artisans at One of a kind Art Fair

I caught the first day at this fabulous but managable fair at 7 west 34th street. Nov 11-14& Nov 18-21 2010. This venue is also home to the AAF and Volta fair here in New York City. I found out that each weekend there are different artists so it might be fun to go twice as you will see new ones filter in. It’s such a delight to meet directly with the artist and hear the stories behind their work. Here’s what I saw so far and loved:

Jewelry by Ricki L-very bold, editorial, and statement pieces intertwined in wire. The designer is also super personable and

Jewelry line Nek by Cymbre Peterson-unique pieces using old and new baubles. Vintage looking with a

Rewind by Carlos Montanaro-Amazing pocket watch ‘hearts’ from the 1800’s used in creative and modern ways. Necklaces, rings, and cuff bracelets. Unisex and really cool.  Some have working pieces. He started the line after sourcing pocket watches for an art piece and it has since taken off.

Caitlin Phillips of Rebound designs gives books a second chance for use by turning them into handbags and wallets. Very showed the Niagara scarf -bright colors, nubby textures, and contrasting finishes.

Another Scarf designer but a bit more different was Chicago based Gina Pannorfi.She uses silk to contrast with merino wool and hand dies each piece as a one of a kind. There are certainly wonderful variations in color.

Parlaque had some adorable embellished gloves and arm sleeves. Worth exploring more and based in New York. Whimsy and girly.

New York based collage artist Denise Fiedler of Paste is also worth mentioning because of her joie de vivre in her work. Her small pieces are a mere $45 and are perfect holida gift. I especially enjoyed the dachshund and dog ones. But her version of the Eiffel tower and Chrystler building equally charming.

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