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Alexandra/Rachel Zoe judges Gilt City Monster Mash

How was your Halloween?
How is it that we now have 3 nights of celebrations?
I’m missing the simplicity of trick or treating and egging houses. But I digress. This year I had the wonderful honor of judging the costume contest at Gilt City’s Monster Mash organized and curated by the uber talented Adam Aleksander of Held in St Cecilia’s gymnasium in the same Williamsburg location where J. Lo 2 weeks ago filmed a new video. I had 2 costumes planned. Rachel Zoe on the outside (a last minute idea to stay warm) and WIP (work in progress blank canvas dress ready to be drawn on) on the under layer. The wig’s was a bit too blond and too curly to be acurate but the scowl was dead on. Even though Rachel is famous and has her own reality tv show there were a fair number of people who could not guess who I was, even after many hints. Most popular guesses were-Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga. I had too many layers of clothing on people to be either Paris or Gaga.

The party included a 4 course themed feast created by the French Culinary Institute trained Ygael Tresser of La Bonne Cuisine Catering, spooky drag queens waitresses in the most fierce costumes dished out organ inspired appetizers, and open bar courtesy of Hendrick’s Gin and liquid nitrogen cocktails by Mayahuel’s Mayur Subbaro.  Ventiko was on set capturing guests in a special photo booth and performances by

Sponsors: FlavorPill and wine provided by St. Francis Red.

Who was inspiring enough to win the costume contest? Teen wolf, Split personality, and the murdering newly wed corpse couple. I gave the couple extra points for using a fashion accessory as a weapon (a white spiky pump was stuck in the grooms chest with blood oozing).

Fashion Credits: handmade caftan found at beacon’s closet, fur scarf from Lord & Taylor, vintage necklace, earrings vintage from my mother, Chanel scarf, and clutch by Cole Haan.

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