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Adventures in hipsterland at the ACE

Last night a gaggle of girls and I assembled at the Ace to check out the Thursday night scene. Ok we were a large group of 10 almost like a bachlorette party but without the hideous veil. Again I was struck by the ambiance and décor-as if I’m hanging out in my older brother’s dorm common room minus the old pizza. God this place is cozy and with oodles of style. After one drink our group became restless because the male pickings were thin and it wasn’t totally happening but one of my girlfriends was clever enough to befriend the owner of the hotel and talk him into getting all of us into the private party down stairs. What awaited us was the band Fool’s Gold and what we perceived to be a more exclusive scene. Upon entering we we thrown into the tail end of what seemed to be a mock musical jam session/photo session with almost every hipster at the party. All flocking to be in front of the camera. Pictures blown up digitally on the wall run as a slide show. Was it a ritual I wondered? No it was just a wild moment of enthusiasm for this wonderful setup brought by a company called Studio Booth. (Vera Wang’s been there done that!) With a remote control for the shutter party peeps take time posing although shots were amazingly candid refreshing and real. No posed shots were taken. A miracle. You can see the debauchery moments with much flannel here. One of my girlfriends asked me, “Wasn’t this the scene you wanted to avoid by moving from Williamsburg to Manhattan?” I guess I’m still scratching my head as to how all these hipsters are here on 29th street? Go figure.

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