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Ace is the place

By | October 14th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Good things happen to those who wait…Waiting for the New York branch of Ace hotel to open was a bitch but it has a very sophisticated and stylish bar scene going on in their…..lobby? (making due with what you got!) . Despite the fact that the Breslin restaurant and bar (by the people who brought you the spotted pig) is not open yet hasn’t stopped this place from becoming a hot spot with the hipster downtown Manhattan crowd (on 29th street!). Feels a bit like Jenny Humprey from Gossip Girl would hang out here. Last Saturday night was quiet the birthday time. I was there for a birthday and everyone else I met there were there for birthdays. I’ll tell you why it’s so inviting-because it is a big place with a cozy feel-vignettes of big couch living room seating. Good lighting, good DJ and music that isn’t too loud (one can actually have a conversation) , and one of those old school photo booths you used to do with your 6th grade boyfriend or girlfriend. Decor is as if your cool older flannel plaid wearing older brother learned to decorate with ease. And I’ve totally decided that it will be my new living room day and night-laptop lane way cooler than Starbucks. And if you decide to take a room because you’re too tipsy or you’ve met the woman of your dreams (for the night) rooms start at a reasonable $199. Who says New York is not affordable?

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