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Acceptance is the most important foundational principle that has helped my clients achieve a new level of style. It may sound a bit ‘new agey’ and broad, but I think you will find it effective. The most important concept is Acceptance – accepting where your body, life, and coloring is today.

How many of you struggle with getting rid of things from your closet because they were expensive, even when they no longer support you or your life? For example, if you no longer attend black tie dinners, why not donate your gowns to a school theatre program where they can be used and given a second life?

I’ve watched a Californian client struggle with this issue. We were editing her closet when we came upon these Manolo Blahnik ankle tie black heels. I gotta give her credit. She was a trendsetter for Manolos – before Sex and the City! She immediately got defensive and said we couldn’t get rid of them. But, she had maybe worn them twice since purchasing them 20 years ago. Plus, she spends most of her time these days gardening, going to the gym, or taking her puppy to the playground. So here’s what I suggested since they held so much meaning for her: Display the shoes out of the box on the shelf as ART so that she could appreciate them every day.

My clients have shared with me that dressing for errands, the farmers’ market, the gym, and other downtimes is the hardest challenge. Let’s say you find yourself walking the dog a lot. Why not build flattering outfits appropriate for that activity?

Accepting where your body shape is today:

Most women would love to be the desired hourglass shape. Only 8% of women are this shape. My job is to create the illusion of this shape, which I teach my clients how to do.

How many of you have clothing in your closet that…

  • Isn’t the right size or color?
  • No longer serves your current lifestyle?
  • Is older than 10 years?
  • Has never been worn?
  • We all can relate. But we can also all take steps toward acceptance, and with it, change.

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