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a rose by anyone name?

Now I understand buzz in new york. The Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel has major buzz. But with buzz there is misinformation. One of my hedge fund CEO’s explained that to get in you have to email and have a reservation in advance and have a secret email address. And that it was always a SS or CF. What I have found which I should probably not say is that the reservations start at 10pm at night. The doors close to the public at 9pm. But if you are already inside the Rose Bar before 9pm you can stay be there, hang out, even visit the chic bathrooms and get handed a pass that will get you back in. I have also been enjoying frequenting the bar in the early evening when it’s still subdued and civilized. The downside is that when sober the $19 cocktails seem ridiculous in this economy. Last night I organized a group of 6 (with the help of a guy friend conspirator) for a little get together and we had a really nice time. In advance I was sweating the door policy so i sent an email to the rosebar from the link on their website. Got a confirmation that stated it in no way was a reservation but then never heard back to say we were in or out. I had asked for a reservation at 8:30. Maybe they deemed it not necessary and that they don’t reserve at that hour but still a real human response would be nice. I then got my friend on the phone who has a friend who is ‘in’ there. She then gave me another email address ‘velvetropes’ but alas that email address rejected me because I wasn’t on his email list. I guess there are cyber velvet ropes now. I was also given the cell phone number of the manager but decided not to call for fear of being blacklisted.
We winged it and you know we didn’t get kicked out of our table. We had a lovely time, met some cool people playing pool and went home happy.I know I’m on their marketing radar because I get beautiful invitation mailings to come stay at the hotel but hello…I live here. I’m just wondering since I’ve been here like 5 times, when do I become a ‘regular’ where everybody knows my name?

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