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9 tips to get your fashion mojo back

Joy in the closet brings joy to the world

I was in a closet of a client’s last week and as she showed me designer piece after designer piece she knew they were destined for the donate pile. She really had nothing to wear. We’ve all been there…

I was struck by this common cord-she had lost her fashion mojo. She had amazing but outdated pieces and accessories in her wardrobe but she had been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. Ripe for a fresh start we eliminated most of the toxic wardrobe and I realize that others could learn from this scenario.

Here are a few tips for getting your fashion mojo a BIG kick start:

1.Watch an inspiring movie or tv show. For me it’s vintage classics or Gossip Girl.

2.Flip through some magazines at the stand. Pick one you’ve never read.

3. Peruse Barnes and Noble and look at some art books. How could you use art as an inspiration for an outfit?

4. Find something in your closet you love but never wear. Find 3 new ways to wear it or buy accompanying pieces that will make it work.

5. Weed through your closet throwing out old, tired, stained, or outdated items. Reorganize by color and type of garment. You’d be surprised what a little re-organization can do.

6.Create a crazy cool outfit around an amazing accessory that you have. Could be a scarf, hat, necklace or statement shoes.


8. Visit a flea market for ideas

9. Swap with your girlfriends.

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