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7 reasons you should NOT buy that dress

By | December 5th, 2010 | Confessions, LESS IS MORE, STYLE DIY

1. The color is not flattering on you – somehow accentuating your usually-non-existent wrinkles/under eye circles.

An example of a 'right buy' dress-good color, shape, and lifestyle choice for me. That's me with the designer Selma Karaca

2. The shape of the dress hides your waist or other attractive features that you deserve to flaunt.

3. The hemline hits between the ankle and below the knee, which is what I call the danger zone.

4. You have 5 others just like it at home.

5. You don’t have any occasion for it.

6. The sales lady says you look great! (…and you can’t tell if she means it…)

7. You can’t afford it.

When in doubt, if you really can’t tell if it’s a smart buy for you, call a specialist. Lucky you – you know me!

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