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7 concepts for Closet Clarity

By | July 20th, 2011 | CLOSET PROJECT, Confessions

With my full service one-to-one-packages which my private clients enjoy there is a pretty deep edit of the closet.
I usually recommend removing EVERYTHING from your closet to edit and then only put winning keepers back in the closet.
I do find that that task can be daunting and overwhelming to do SOLO.

So here are few tips to purge on an ongoing basis.
1. Whenever you buy something new get rid of an item or two.

2. Divide and conquer. Start by section for example go through all of your t-shirts, then move onto pants, dresses, underwear, jackets, accessories, jewelry, bags ect until you have done the whole closet. This you can do as a daily practice of 20 minutes or a weekly activity. I encourage you to break it down into digestible bits to keep it stress free.

3. Create piles. Things to fix, take to the tailor, dry clean, wash, donate, give to a friend, consign, toss, or recycle. It’s important to sort as you go to save time.

4. What to purge? That which doesn’t fit right, flatter your coloring, serve your current image, or feel good when you wear it. Often times we have things in our closet which I call halvsies-they’re are kinda ok or have one element that is likable but aren’t 100% winners. Winners are in our star colors, flattering shapes, and fit our current image and lifestyle. Don’t settle for less.

5. Leave room for emotions. You might find things which bring you back to another time or another person in your life. There may be a mixture of emotions. Clothing gifts which we don’t love are often the hardest to part with. Just because you let go of an item which isn’t serving you doesn’t mean you love the memory or the person any less. And don’t beat yourself up for shedding expensive mistakes as you are making room in your life for better and brighter things.

6. Reward yourself each time the task is complete with a small luxury like a hot bath, walk, lighting a candle, chat with a friend, or whatever brings you joy.

7. Mare sure you get the items OUT of your house ASAP and don’t dip into them.

What to do with your discarded stuff which is no longer serving you? Here’s links to my best creative resources.

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