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1950’s Epic Prom was a dream come true

I never got the chance to go to my prom. Long sad story but now I know why it wasn’t in the cards for me. From not going I never got trauma or pain from it and when presented with the opportunity to go as a adult I jumped on it! A few years ago I went to an 80’s prom with a fashionista friend as my date and happily crimped my hair and said ‘oh my god’ ‘ like totally’ way too many times and had a blast.

This EPIC Prom created by the decor design god Adam Aleksander of Adam Aleksander Presents and Brain Quinn of Noble Rot proved to be a magical experience that transported me to the 1950’s. Set in a defunct catholic school St. Cecilia’s at 1 Monitor street in Willliamsburg.
The 4 course cafeteria inspired menu by Theo Peck and Nick Suarez of The Food Experiments was creative, nostalgic and inventive. I went crazy for the pate and crackers and I heard reports of the mac and cheese being amazing.
Honored with the role of judging and awarding crowns to Prom King and Queen I took my job seriously (well who else better suited for the job?). I interviewed guests and no outfit was left unexamined. There were no lack of imaginative costumes on the women attendees. I was looking for the magic couple which was highly participatory at the Epic Prom-no wallflowers, dressed in vintage ware appropriate for a prom, and with great attitudes. Jenny and Parr had been the first guests to sign up for the Prom, had fretted about their outfits and even Parr’s red blazer was vintage. Jenny’s green dress was the talk of the evening with it’s endless crinolines actually belonged to a kind friend. They also got bonus points for spending lots of quality time on the dance floor.
Attending the event stag I secretly wished I could win Prom Queen but alas I judged but there was no time for being a wallflower. Despite no previous Prom experience I was whisked on the dance floor many times and was part of the crew who closed the joint-that’s a first for me. DJ Count Zero (Matt Mikas) spun VINYL oldies 90% of the evening and the cool cats were diggin the tunes. As if we didn’t have enough entertainment we were lucky enough to enjoy a high energy performance by Harlem James Gang.
Enjoyed a nightcap with one of my dancing fiends and new friend from Brooklyn 365 which is a very cool site. Went home happy singing to myself, “I could have danced all night”

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