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Zac Posen for Target 24 Hour Party

Can’t say there was a huge selection of ‘must haves’ when I arrived to the Zac Posen for Target 24 hour Party on a rainy Friday Morning. I opted out of the red carpet party the night before despite enticing tweets from other attendees but was shocked to see the event so bare of people and variety of merchandise. Bit like being in a club during the day time. The pop up store concept has soared in NY and this was a big difference from the Liberty from London pop up mob scene. I wondered if it was the location of 8th Avenue or that this party and color scheme was a more night time feel. Never the less I was fascinated by the event design and what they did to the ‘rough around the edges’ space attached to a non-descript hotel. I met a lovely French who was so impressed by the tuxedo pants she was buying 2 and thought the quality was really good. She refused to let me take her photograph but described her style as edgy and was very pleased with her purchases which she let me shoot. I had a hard time picking out something to try on because I really couldn’t see any of the collection being workhorse or seriously versatile. There seemed to be racks of a bad strapless prom type dress in black and red that looked great in photos but cheap in person and priced at $99. However, I tried on 2 dresses-the black knit dress was a color I wouldn’t wear but riffing on Herve Legere I found it to be a strong piece except for the thick hem that was too transparent for my taste. I definitely looked like a more expensive dress. The gold/black kicky dress had wonderful pleating and stitch detailing but at the end of the day is a stretch metallic Lycra fabric suited for clubbing and not my lifestyle. It is inspiring to see Zac Posen’s career which has gone so far from his grassroots start at the kitchen table.

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