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What to wear for Valentine’s day

By | February 9th, 2016 | STYLE TO LOVE

What to wear for Valentines

Tips to look naturally sexy and stylish.

1. Bring more red into your style.  Not sure what red looks good on you? Check out my post on how to wear red.

2. Include either a red dress, top, red lipstick, red shoes, or a red scarf in your get up.

3. Show off your best asset. Got a great ass, breasts, or legs? Show them off.

4. A faux wrap dress is universally flattering.

5. Breathe in love and out loss. A good affirmation for this month is
” I release all past losses and feel free to create a new, fresh, vital life.”
This is especially helpful if you have some past beaus you haven’t totally forgiven.

6. Exercise out in nature if you can. Nature makes you glow.

7. Try some new makeup tricks. Get a makeup lesson to bring a new look into your arsenal.  I recently had a makeup lesson by Shara and a blog post is in the works!.

8. Revamp your tights. Men will not notice details but they notice the overall. My favorite sexy nylons are a cross between a hose and a fishnet called ‘micro mesh’ by HUE. I wear the brown and the nude ones and always get compliments from men. (And yes I share this secret in my book Vetted by a Stylist.

9. High heel shoes are ooooh so sexy but what’s not sexy is not being able to walk or stand comfortably.
A man at a singles mixer brought up tottering girls in the meatpacking district as ridiculous. Don’t be that girl. Check out True Gault and get high heels that fit your feet. No more painful shoes.

10. Don’t want to have a big meal on the V-day? Opt for a healthier idea like taking your man to a fitness class he wouldn’t normally try. My personal favorite is Anti-Gravity Yoga. I have my top favorite’s listed in the Health section of my book Vetted by a Stylist.

11. Detox your skin. Get rid of chemical face products and find some new green alternatives. I share my list in the beauty products section of, you guessed it, my book, Vetted by a Stylist.

My favorite red and love festive pieces to invest in this season are on my red post.

This Valentines day why not give yourself a little style over before the big day

Check out my Vetted by a Stylist VIP EXPERIENCE which will kick your style to the next level.

What have I missed to get you in the mood? Leave me a comment down below!



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