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Water heaven in Paris

By | August 31st, 2010 | INSPIRING EVENTS, TRAVEL

Alexandra on the Seine

Paris is wonderful for those obsessed with water like me. My Parisian friend who I call the ‘french lobster’ because of a sun burnt day in the Hamptons took me on the BatoBus which is like a bus on the river Seine.It’s great for those who want to see the city via boat and not take one of those cheesy bateaux moches.

Piscine Pontoise Paris Club Quartier Latin

The day after my birthday in much need of a recharge I hit the Club Quartier Latin on rue de pontoise. Pool is enormous, changing rooms are old and charming, the building which was built in the 1930’s is heavy with vintage details but don’t expect lavish shower facilities. It is a great place to get my swim on with the locals of Paris (generally good looking men). The nice part of Paris is that there are a multitude of fabulous public pools, which are very affordable to use. I paid 4.60 euro for entry and then rented 2 miniscule towels (this is the country where small is better), which raised an eyebrow at check in. What?? I have long hair. As much as I love Europe I prefer the American view of plushy towels as a necessity. Sadly the Internet is mistaken, as this pool does not have a Jacuzzi or steam room. There is a sauna in the lower level gym. They also have classes such as yoga and tai chi. It’s the perfect spot to work off all those extra croissants.

I so much wanted to make it to Le Hammam at the mosque. It’s also in the 5th arrondissement but will have to visit next time. Here’s some info on the steam spa, which sounds like heaven to me.

While in my search I found a more modern Hammam in the 2nd. called Hammam boulevard.

Here’s more spots for swimming in Paris. by Vingt Magazine

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