Style Re-Invention

Created for the woman who wants to make a shift and revamp her wardrobe
with quality classic pieces that will exude style season after season.



It starts with a relaxed consultation at my 5th Avenue atelier where I get to know you and your styling needs in order to identify the best colors, styles, and designers for you.


Next, I take stock of your wardrobe for the current season, and working together, we’ll decide what to keep, what needs alterations, what to donate, and what to acquire. After we sort your wardrobe, I will gladly recommend or arrange a way to donate your items through a pick-up service.


The Style Re-Invention was created to help you create a wardrobe that is perfect for ALL of the areas in your life, that’s why I’ve included:

ONE 1-hour shopping session to find foundation pieces at my secret celebrity source for bras and shape wear.

ONE 2-hour shopping session to fill any area of your wardrobe, including: clothes, shoes, accessories, or outerwear.

ONE 1-hour jewelry, accessory, or optics shop.

ONE Custom Shoe scanning and styling appointment. Perfect fitting flats or heels.

Don’t worry about wasting valuable time sifting through clothes! Simply walk into a dressing room filled with gorgeous finds expertly chosen just for you. At each shopping consult, I will take detailed notes of the stores, items, and sizes that worked best for you so that we can easily build upon your wardrobe every time we meet. If there’s something we can’t find during our shopping excursions, I will happily shop online for you sending recommendations straight to your personalized Pinterest board.


Following our FOUR shopping trips, I will visit you at home to blend your new wardrobe items with your old favorites and show you how to accessorize each look with ease. Digital photos will help you remember the new looks and will make getting dressed a joy.

If there are any items that need tailoring, I will gladly coordinate a private tailor to service you at your home. Or, I can schedule a tailoring appointment so all you have to do is show up and say, “Alexandra sent me!”


A reinvented wardrobe needs special love to maintain its style—that’s why I’m including in every Style Re-Invention these off-the-market tools to help you keep your wardrobe in killer shape:

  • Digital Lookbook & Color Palette – Personalized tools capturing your best colors, shapes, styles, stores, and designers so that you always feel like I’m shopping by your side!
  • Personalized Wardrobe Master Plan – A shareable file that identifies items to be on the lookout for so that you always know  what you need and can avoid buying things you don’t.
  • Vetted by a Stylist – An autographed copy of my latest book. Plus, based on your personal needs, I will gladly connect you with any of the fashion professionals I know who can further your style transformation. Professionals in my coveted book include celebrity makeup artists, custom designers, hair stylists & colorists, and many more!
  • Fashion Emergency Tool Kit – Your solution to style mishaps like nipple slips, persistent lint, and untamed bra straps.



Complete The Style Re-invention Questionnaire and I will contact you soon after to
answer any questions and coordinate our our calendars.


Style Re-invention Investment: $4,500.00 (Deposit $2,250.00)
** Price of styling services does not include cost of items purchased



What my clients say about working with me:

Georgia Marantos
“Alexandra chose colors and outfits that complimented me and reflected my essence and presence in the worldd so that I feel more comfortable and confident. I’m now a better version of myself. Alexandra exceeded my expectations.” - Georgia Marantos
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Katie Coates
"Had a magical experience with Alexandra yesterday! I feel so empowered by our work together to infuse glamour, credibility and bad-ass-ness into my look in preparation for all the speaking engagements I have going this coming year. My new book is called Yes Vote, and I give Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt a YES VOTE for her expertise, humor, helpfulness, and team!" - Katie Coates
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Stephanie Wild
I just got cast in an independent TV pilot on the basis of my Facebook photos as "boss lady at a high fashion magazine". Thanks Alexandra! -Stephanie Wild Psychic Medium
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