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By | July 28th, 2017 | Style TRUTHS

The last time I remember wearing a uniform was during my brief stint as a waitress at the Armani Cafe on Newbury Street in Boston.

It was a boxy khaki Nehru jacket with skirt.

The skirt was boxy and long on me so I rolled the waist band to make it shorter and cuter. The jacket wasn’t flattering on my hourglass shape, but it had pockets which made it handy.

It was a uniform I was proud to wear because the Armani cafe was the hot spot for all the international kids in Boston for college.

And it was a major score to have that job.

The tips were good and my flirting skills came in handy.

My tips were so good I was able to sock good money away during my studies at Boston University.

My previous uniform experience had been negative. A sailor type uniform with a pinafore at my first private school in kindergarten was something I couldn’t wait to take off after school. I hated the whole uniform. It seemed dorky to me and did not at all reflect my personality.

I write to you, many years later in a uniform of organic sweats during a health retreat.

Part of me was looking forward to not needing to pack for being in this enclosed facility for two weeks. They provide sweats, sandals, organic toiletries, and most everything you would need.

As a stylist to not have to worry about what to wear sounded like another thing taken off my plate.

Giving me the opportunity to focus on health and healing.

I guess that’s what my previous school had wanted for us. To focus on my studies.

I’m curious to discover how I will feel after wearing the uniform for two weeks. Will I feel bored, penned in, and unable to express my creativity?

We’re not even supposed to wear jewelry here which feels even worse.

Makeup -nope-that one I don’t mind.

But jewelry I love wearing.

I wonder how will the other people know that I’m a stylist?

I realize that being identified as a stylist is important to me.

My whole identity and persona is wrapped around that fact.

Now I’m just a human with no super powers.

I definitely identify with being a chameleon with my style and don’t like being boxed in.

Stay tuned for how it all works out for me…

In my latest book Love What You Wear I talk about uniform dressing vs. chameleon dressing.

For some women, creating a uniform is soothing and helps them focus on work and their full lives. Blending in is comfortable to them.

And for other women they want to wear new looks all the time and express their individuality. Standing out is comfortable to them.

I’ve helped women do both.

Which one do you identify with?

If you’re looking for a partner in style to help you create your dream wardrobe schedule your style assessment call now.

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