b MARCIE L. | Alexandra Stylist | Personal Wardrobe Stylist NYC
Cell: 917-674-8404

372 5th avenue 10h New York, New York 10018
My experience with Alexandra has been fabulous! I was frustrated with my closet and how I looked in pictures (too cute to be taken seriously). She listened to what I wanted but also helped me realize things about myself and my own style challenges. I really feel with all of the clothing, the outfits we’ve assembled, the hair lesson, and all of the accessories that Alexandra has changed my life. She helped me create not just outfits but a style statement for how I go out in the world in the morning. She’s given me a new sense of confidence, especially when I go to professional meetings. I love what I have now, and it’s only gotten better. Alexandra’s personal style is different from mine, and I was grateful that she never impressed her style on me but helped me develop MY OWN style. I had a previous negative experience with another stylist but was relieved that Alexandra was respectful and sensitive to my needs. When we went to edit my closet she took her time to go piece by piece without rushing. I felt we were efficient but that I was never rushed or pressured. It was refreshing that she didn’t make any assumptions about a piece being good or bad based on its price or designer and wanted to genuinely find things that uniquely worked for ME. I felt comfortable having her as my stylist but also a friend.