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Subscription and style rental boxes..friend or foe?

By | December 22nd, 2017 | Style TRUTHS

Rachel and I met through our book publisher and have been fast friends ever since.

We’re both personal stylists so we have a lot to talk about.

And when we get together it’s pretty darn powerful.

So join us today as we share the inside scoop about all things subscription boxes. Yeah, I’m talking about companies like Stitch Fix and Le Tote.

Let’s start by defining the difference between subscription boxes and rental boxes. And then we will dish about each company.

Stitch Fix and Trunk Club have you answer a few questions and a ‘stylist’ ships you a box every month and you decide what you want to keep or send back. It’s a surprise what’s in the box every month.

There is a set subscription price and then you’re charged for whatever you keep.

Rental companies like Rocks Box, Le Tote, Rent the Runway, Armoire, Gwynnie Bee, Bag Borrow Steal, send you a few pieces at a time and then you wear them and then return them.

You get to decide what they send you. They charge you a set rent per month and if you choose to keep them instead of returning they will charge you for the item.

Tune in for the video and get the full scoop.

(Please turn on the sound in the lower right corner)

Companies discussed in the video:

Subscription boxes:

Stitch Fix
Trunk Club

Rental boxes:

Rocks Box
Le Tote
Rent the Runway
Gwynnie Bee
Bag Borrow Steal

Am I missing any? Would love to hear from you what your experience has been with these kinds of companies


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