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Why Style Subscription Box ‘STYLISTS’ Could Hurt Your Style

By | July 21st, 2017 | Style TRUTHS

I was at a weekend speaker summit where one of the speakers kept tugging down at her gorgeous embroidered top. There was no doubt that this was one of the most bad ass tops I had ever seen. But it was making her pull it down repeatedly. When she sat, the top rode up even more.

I’m sure no one else noticed, but it was clear to me that the top was not fitted to her correctly as the bust and the neckline was buckling a bit.

With some insider info I knew that she has a high-end stylist who sends her boxes of clothing every month and they Skype to talk about things.

I understand why that approach is perfect for the woman who is short on time, but in the end this style subscription model isn’t serving her at all.


Because they are skipping over the fitting part. The HUMAN part. The ART of styling part.

And there is no substitute for having the stylist face to face with the client in the outfits. There are so many details to notice that often aren’t conveyed well over Skype.

A well trained stylist or designer is going to see things in the garment and how it fits you in a much more precise way.

They are going to have your garments tailored so they fit you like a glove and make sure that they are comfortable to wear and will move with you.

Also anytime you have weight fluctuations, you need to make sure you try things on a day before to make sure it still fits you well.

Woven fabrics that have no stretch aren’t recommended when you know your weight goes up and down.

Yes, there are time saving factors that make these style subscription service’s and stylist’s appealing, but it’s much better to have a REAL stylist hand pick each piece based on your coloring, lifestyle, desired image, shape, and budget.

A good stylist will remember small details, like the fact that you hate polyester and you are allergic to wool.

Yes, working face to face and having fittings is more time consuming but it yields a better result. If you think celebrities just wear things off the rack and look fabulous in a second you are mistaken. Celebrities spend time in fittings where the garments are tailored to them so that they fit flawlessly. They spend hours in hair and makeup and the stylist spends hours selecting options for the client. Going the extra mile is what creates a style that is obviously worthy of awe.

So the next time you’re thinking you will cut corners and save time, I suggest doing it once and doing it right with a stylist in person.

And now you know a fabulous stylist who will pay attention to the small details so that you will look unstoppable.

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