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Plus Minus at LUCA LUCA

Luca Luca
Underwhelmed by the clothes. Overwhelmed by the (possibly rent-a??)’celebs’. I spend most of the time during this presentation checking out the front row. Bai Ling-I can’t actually remember what she’s been in, Kelly Bensimon (in rolled up jeans and red pumps) who everyone loves to hate from The Real Housewives of New York City, Tinsley Morimer (probably not for rent as she is currently promoting her show HIGH SOCIETY) currently rocking straight locks sitting next to a delicious long haired male whose name I do not know because I don’t watch American Idol, and some girl with a white dog who turns out to be blogger Julia Allison. Did I not get the memo of white purse pooch is the new accessory? The clothing I felt were lacking in the fabulousness that I have loved in the past. Maybe it was that it was wearable, retailable, and just not enough of a statement for my taste. The excess of gray and predictable colors didn’t help either. I did enjoy a few sparkly pieces which I’ve shared here. But hey I guess that’s what happens when Luca Orlandi stops designing LUCA LUCA and is replaced with another. How can you really successfully replace a designer? It didn’t work with Halston and I’m sure they will try to ‘replace’ Alexander McQueen but really…….” I mean what?!” to quote my favorite Abe Gurko

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